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Awesome ABCs Launches at The Dudes

  Since our founding in 2012, The Dudes has always been about bringing more of the things we love into the world: music, art, fashion, great food, and good times. And now, we're thrilled to extend that ethos to our littlest Dudes with the launch of Awesome ABCs. When illustrator and friend of The Dudes, Andrew Morgan, brought his Awesome ABCs book series to life, transforming the letters of the alphabet into colorful characters from the worlds of music and sports, we knew it was a perfect fit for our community. We believe that Dudes come in all shapes and sizes, and it's important to us that everyone gets to join in on the fun and learning. As soon as the Awesome ABCs books hit our Berlin store, they became an instant hit with our customers. Now, we're excited to share them with the world so that everyone can introduce their little rockers, rappers, or athletes to the magic of the alphabet. But that's not all – we're also launching the Awesome ABCs clothing range, s
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Cool Ink Solutions: Your Friendly Neighborhood Tattoo Studio

Cool Ink Solutions, The Dudes' very own tattoo studio, proudly calls our Berlin flagship location on Kastanienallee home. Whether you're looking to book your appointment online through the Cool Ink Solutions website or simply drop by unannounced, walk-ins are always warmly welcomed! We're excited to unveil Cool Ink Solutions as the next chapter in our tattoo journey. Since 2023, our walk-in studio inside the Berlin shop has been inviting patrons to come in and have their preferred mcbess designs permanently etched onto their skin. This setup has proven irresistibly tempting to our team, many of whom now sport considerably more ink thanks to having direct access to our very own tattoo parlour right here in the Berlin store. But ink isn't just a thing at The Dudes – it's everything. On paper, ink tells a story; on clothing, it becomes a walking artwork; and on skin, it evolves into a perpetual odyssey. Nowadays, in addition to the walk-in option (perfect for the spont

Introducing The Dudes Collectible Art Toy: Fucky the Bear

Joining forces with mcbess, we're thrilled to unveil our latest collectible art toy - the lovable yet NSFW character of Fucky the Bear. For those who've been following our journey, you'll know that this isn't our first venture into the world of figurine creation. From Les Viandardes to the Tubular Babe, each project has been a learning experience, especially amidst the challenges of a global pandemic. But with each obstacle came invaluable lessons, and we're grateful for the support and patience of our loyal Dudes supporters and customers. Despite the bumps along the way, the Tubular Babe became something truly special, and we hope those who own one agree. Now, building on that foundation, we're excited to introduce Fucky the Bear. This iconic mascot of The Dudes is not just a character; he's a cosmic concoction of satire, lunacy, indulgence, apathy, and artistic genius. With mcbess leading the design, we enlisted the talents of 3D artist Vincent Techer and

The Dudes Fall/Winter '23 Collection

Step into a realm where reality blurs and imaginary friends become foes. Retire early and follow treasure trails until the world around you bends and twists. Embrace the mystical allure of nature alongside Stoney and Friends as you navigate a landscape filled with both Goodies and Baddies. For those who revel in the highs of nature, flaunt your passion with our El Bufo tee – a stylish ode to the wonders of fungi. And for those whose exterior exudes sophistication while their inner world is a perpetual acid trip, we offer Fantasy Bullshit tailored just for you. Whatever your vibe, we've got the perfect fit to complement your unique style. Customize your ride with a signature touch at Stoney’s Customs before unwinding at our ever-welcoming motel, where there's always room for one more. Take a glass-half-full approach, because in a world where everything seems meaningless, embracing the chaos is the ultimate liberation.

Introducing The Dudes Summer '23 Collection

This summer, The Dudes are bringing back some of your favorite mcbess designs. From classic black T-shirts to bold prints, Hawaiian shirts, and twin sets, we've curated a collection that's sure to keep you stylish all season long. These designs never lose their edge, much like The Dudes themselves. Let's take a closer look at the spirit behind each garment: Healthy Vibes At The Dudes, we embrace life to the fullest, even when things get a little messy. After all, as the saying goes, "when the bed is wet, then the night was great." It's all part of the adventure! Too Short Smokes Picture this: a spontaneous post-work booze bender leads to a wild naked skating session through the streets of Berlin. Sure, there may have been a few wipeouts along the way, but that's just part of the fun. And hey, at least our dude made it home in one piece, albeit with a few scratches and bruises. Long story short, our adventures are always worth the ride. But that's not a

The Tubular Babe Odyssey

When we embarked on the journey to create our first figurine, the Tubular Babe, we knew we were in for a wild ride. Little did we know just how turbulent the seas ahead would be. It felt like speed dating on steroids as we scoured countless suppliers and sifted through endless samples in search of the perfect match. Then, the Covid curveball hit, throwing production shutdowns and shipping delays into the mix. But undeterred, we pressed on, determined to bring our Tubular Babe to life despite the challenges thrown our way. We understood that crafting these handcrafted figurines would be no easy feat, with their intricate molds and assembly steps. Yet, we remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering a product of unparalleled quality. Despite our best efforts, delays plagued us, leaving us scrambling to ship our Babes without proper inspection. Some arrived at their new homes less than runway-ready, teaching us the harsh reality that behind every beautiful thing, there's often s

From The Dudes Deli to Markthalle Pfefferberg: A Gastronomic Adventure

Our culinary journey began in 2015 with The Dudes Deli, a cozy Bar & Grill nestled in Kreuzberg. Quickly becoming a hotspot for locals, expats, and travelers alike, it was a whirlwind three years of delicious eats and vibrant atmosphere. But as the curtains closed on this chapter, we took a moment to catch our breath before embarking on our next escapade. In 2021, in collaboration with Grill Master Michael Heiden, we unveiled Markthalle Pfefferberg, a sprawling 700 sqm dining hall in the heart of Berlin. Designed to tantalize taste buds from around the globe, Pfefferberg is a culinary oasis like no other. Step inside and embark on a culinary odyssey as you navigate stalls representing continents from North America to Asia and Europe. Each section boasts its own distinct visual flair and mouthwatering aromas, promising a feast for the senses. Your journey begins at Valla Vino, a haven for wine enthusiasts, offering an array of organic wines and gourmet pantry essentials. Further exp